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Eleven British nationals attacked and robbed in Trinidad

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PORT OF SPAIN TRINIDAD 13 MARCH: The twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago is more the paradise it used to be. This is according to London resident Andy Nelson who was attacked and robbed here based on a report from Trinidad's leading newspaper the Guardian.

Nelson, however, broke his silence in the wake of the attack and robbery of his brother-in-law and 11 other British nationals at a private Maracas Bay home over the Carnival weekend.

This, he said, has left him angry and saddened, and he is not continuing to recommend that visitors vacation in Trinidad because it is no longer the paradise it used to be.

Nelson, 38, of South London, is the son of former PNM Tabaquite candidate Lloyd Caesar, who contested the seat in the 1980s.

The father of two said on Friday he was also robbed at gunpoint at his aunt’s home two weeks ago but did not want to publicise incident, fearing for the safety of his family members. He said it is high time the authorities sit up and do something to protect the society.

“I have no confidence in the system whatsoever. Every year I come to Trinidad for Carnival with a large contingent of people. We charter a flight. Last year I brought 40 people. I was planning to return, but with this present (crime) situation I cannot say I will be coming back,” Nelson said.

The London-based contractor said his robbery and that of his relatives have left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I cannot recommend anyone to come here; their life is in danger. The authorities are not doing enough,” he said.

Nelson said he left Trinidad in 1987 to pursue a career abroad and would often return, bringing friends to expose them to the island’s wonderful attributes.

“But it is frightening, sickening and sad to see such a beautiful place being destroyed,” he said.

The 38-year-old said two weeks ago he was asleep at his aunt’s home at Williamsville when there was knocking on the door, with a muffled voice shouting “open the door, open the door.”

“They kicked down the front door and rushed in. They tied up my aunt and two others, then one person came into my room (armed) with a gun. He demanded money and jewelry. I pointed to where it was and he grabbed my suitcase and ran off with it and all our cash,” he said.

Nelson said the thieves stole the car he was renting, which contained all of his travel documents. His passport was subsequently found.

The contractor said he was unhappy with the response of officers at the Gasparillo Police Station, who he said acted unprofessionally.

However, one of the three people suspected of robbing Nelson has since been arrested and charged with robbery.

Nelson’s attorneys—Anand Ramlogan and Sheldon Ramnanan—have disclosed that at Nelson’s request they would be writing to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a fiat to prosecute the man arrested for the robbery.

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