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Chavez calls on Venezuelans to resist "US threats"

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Caracas, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez warned the military and the population must develop a spirit of resistance to face growing US threats against the country.Addressing a military graduation ceremony Friday, the head of state urged officers to side with the people rather than with the oligarchy or any other foreign power.

We have no other choice than to say Motherhood or Death, Chavez warned.

According to him, resistance is a sine qua non, because Venezuela is being attacked by the "most powerful empire in history" just for wanting to be free.

A spirit of resistance must be developed by all Venezuelans, soldiers and citizens alike, he added.

Chavez recalled that some days ago ultraconservative US congressmen sent the Organization of American States secretary general a letter asking him to prevent Venezuela from buying 100,000 rifles from Russia.

How many rifles and atomic bombs does the United States have? How much money is Washington spending in weapon of mass destruction like the ones they are using in Iraq?, he asked.

Chávez claimed the United States" imperialist thrive has led to the destruction of entire Iraqi cities such as Falujah.

Regarding claims by a US government official that Venezuela is meddling in Bolivia"s domestic affairs, the President said current problems in Bolivia stemmed from the 200-year-old American presence in the region.

Past military interventions to overthrow legitimate governments and impose military dictatorships in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, and Chile were planned in Washington, Chavez added.

Looking back to such aggressions, our position today is to resist at all cost, he warned.

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