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Jamaican descent among bombing suspects
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July 14 Washington: America's NBC News last night reported that Muslim Lindsay Germeine, one of the four suspects in last week's terrorist bombings in London, was of Jamaican descent.

British police have raided homes in the English city of Leeds, and last night NBC posted on its web site a story by correspondent Lisa Myers and the network's investigative unit, pointing to potential Jamaican link to the attack that killed more than 50 people.

"Law enforcement officials tell NBC News that police have tentatively identified the fourth suspected bomber as Lindsay Germeine, a Muslim of Jamaican descent living in the area," NBC said.
Last night Jamaica's foreign ministry could add little in the way of confirmation or denial of the claim.

"We have gleaned this information from the media, but we are not in a position to verify it," said spokesman Wilton Dyer.
Three other Britons of Pakistani descent have been identified among the bombers.

A fifth person seen on surveillance tapes was identified by police as a suspect, but they were still attempting to determine is precise role, NBC News said.

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