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Mitchell must resign and surrender to Criminal Investigation Department

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Seattle Washington: It is rather obscene that Prime MinisterKeith Mitchell should continue to head the government of Grenada when in fact he should surrender himself to the Criminal Investigation Department. Mitchell told his country men that he used his credit card to finance a trip to Switzerland and other countries while on a trade and investment promotion tour.
A bold faced Mitchell told his countrymen."What are the issues in this particular case? I received approximately 15,000 U.S. dollars from the former Trade Counsellor while in Switzerland. I had already travelled from Grenada to Paris. I had used my own Credit Cards to finance the trip for my delegation and myself. This was in keeping with the Cabinet Conclusion that the expenses would be reimbursed, in accordance with the offer from the Trade Counsellor to finance the expenses of the investment promotional trip."
Investigations now reveal that the Grenada International Financial Services Authority (GIFSA) headed by Michael Creft who was seen on several occasions with Mitchells party jersey attending political meetings, paid for the trip to the tune of $34,000.The tickets were bought from Atral Travel Services in St. Georges.
This is enough for Mitchell and his entire Cabinet to resign since he said it was part of a Cabinet conclusion and no member of Cabinet denied or challenge him, therefore they are all in the sameboat and should resign also.
The Cabinet must be remembered for maintaining its silence and every member will definitely be remembered as been part of the most corrupt government the entire Caribbean has ever known after independence.
No amount of begging for mercy will be able to rectify the situation since there is absolutely no remorse on the part of Mitchell but moves to show him as a saint. From one lie to another has been the high lightv of Mitchells regime.
Mitchell you are hereby challenged to take legal actions as you have done on previous occasions. You know that your days are not only numbered in Grenadian politics but will one day have to answer before the courts to for all the lies told to the people of Grenada and the international community. We at Carib News Now have said it before and again we are saying with utmost confidence that Mitchell must vacate office now to save Grenda from more economic woes.
We are patiently awaing you Sir to fileyour law suit as we are prepared to expose every iota of corruption that we have documented.
A more than rude awakening awaits you as you exit the corridor of power.
International agencies, investors, donor agencies are advised to abstain from dealing with this corrupt Mitchell government and await until justice takes it course.    
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