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Caricom leaders intervene in Grenada now before its too late

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Seatle Washington: Caricom leaders must urgently focus on the situation in Grenada which is rapidly deterioating as more and more details and evidence are emerging on the corrupt nature of the govenment of Keith Mitchell.
What is even more disturbing and Caricom heads are very well aware of the upheaval that existed when allegations emerged that Mitchell had taken a $US500,000 bribe from a former German diplomat during a visit to Switzerland. He was even encouraged to institute an investigation or the island might head towards caos. 
But now that a one man Inquiry is instituted it is safe to say that there are moves in cerain quarters to by pass the key witnesses.
Caricom heads, this dangerous events in this Caricom country can negatively affect the region and investors confidence.
Dr. Mitchells memory is quite short. After he refused to call in the FBI to investigate the allegation he has now asked them for assistance to investigate what caused a fire that totally destroyed a school.
It is one thing to be short and another to have short and convenient memory. It was Mitchell's government that was not coperative with the FBI after the biggest financial fraud in the region occurred in Grenada, and when Mitchell himself was warned that First International Bank was a fraud. Instead Mitchell's party received monetary asistance from the bank that defrauded millions of dollars from Canadians and Americans. He even wrote a letter to one of the banks executive expressing gratitude.
Caricom heads what do you expect investors to say about the region?
Now back to the Richard Cheltenham led inquiry. As editor of kyc news put it the Inquiry appears to be a crude exercise in exoneration rather than a search for the truth. 
Mr. Marchant whose offshore alert broke the story about the bribery allegation said: "What is disturbing to me is that, despite this, Cheltenham, who is supposed to be independent (not to mention, honest), has, apparently, informed the Inquiry and at least one journalist covering the Inquiry, or at least created the impression, that attempts have indeed been made to take my evidence, which is false, and that of Bass, which Bass denies.

He went on to say, "Mitchell's attorney has, apparently, suggested that there is no credible evidence that Mitchell received any cash and, therefore, the Inquiry should not continue, notwithstanding the fact that Mitchell has previously admitted in public that he did indeed receive cash from Resteiner, albeit $15,000, not $500,000.

"Mitchell, apparently, does not intend to testify because neither I nor Bass have testified, (which is hardly surprising since we weren't invited to testify) and, therefore, he does not believe he has a case to answer."

It is true to say that what has happened in Grenada over the last two weeks especially, has brought Mitchell and the Grenada authorities into further disrepute and extension the Caribbean region.
Caricom leaders have a tendency to allow things to deterioate drastically before intervening. It is the humble submission of Carib News Now that a fact finding mission be sent to Grenada  urgently before there is a total breakdown in law and order. What has happened in this island's offshore sector and the number of fraudsters attracted to it in recent years was lawless enough combined with the after effects of hurricane Ivan and blended with the political tornado of the Keith Mitchell led government. It is interested to see how Mitchell would explain that his ticket to Europe was bought NOT with his credit card as he previously claimed but with the money from the Grenada International Financial  Services Authority. What is really of bad taste, nasty and unbecoming of a statesman is that h said all thisin a national address to the nation and at the end he quoted scriptures from the holy book.
This is a lesson to all and sundry, don't quote from the bible when you know you are telling a blatant lie to your country and the world or else judgement will be swift as is the  case at hand. Th trend of things cannot be changed or alttered its down down down down, and as attorney at Law Cajeton Hood puts it, that will be like the fall of humpty dumpty and NO one will b able to put you together in one piece again
Concerning Commissioner Cheltenham all we will say at this time is the Caribbean and the world is watching and no efforts will be spared to monitor every move, every ruling and everything that appears to be out of go order. 
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