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A call for criminal investigation into bribery allegation against Grenada's PM

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Former MP Anselm Clouden

June 22 St. Georg's Grenada: With phase one of the inquiry into bribery allegations against this island's Prime Minister Keith Mitchell having been concluded, former Member of the Upper House of parliament Anselm Couden says  it has become apparent that this whole exercise was designed to vindicate the Prime Minister.

Clouden who is also one of the island's prominent attorney's said. "Indeed, without the Commissioner having evidence from David Marchant,
Timothy Bass and Dr. Eric Resteiner, the Prime Minister's Attorney, Lawrence
Maharaj said that there was no evidence against his client and therefore the
inquiry should be brought to an end."

Clouden added, "Evidently, there was a conflict in the inquiry to wit: the two police witnesses called who accompanied the Prime Minister to Switzerland claims that at no time they saw the Prime Minister receive any monies which is
inconsistent with the Prime Minister own admission to the nation. In fact,
while he was at the house of Dr. Resteiner he claimed that he had received
between 12,000.00 or approximately 15,000.00."

It is qute clear that the evidence of the two Police Officers is therefore contradicting to that of the Prime Minister because the Police Officers said that the briefcase carried was inspected they did not see any money whatsoever there were only documents. Someone therefore is not speaking the truth either the Prime Minister or the Police Officers.

Clouden warned, " The fact that the Prime Minister on National television claimed to be vindicated of wrong doing without the evidence of Dr. Eric Resteiner, Timothy Bass and David Marchant put the integrity of the commission in jeopardy."

It is evident, that the government is not prepared to use the appropriate
state vehicle to secure the evidence of Dr. Resteiner, Bass and Marchant and
also to procure a copy of the alleged tape for public consumption.

Speaking on public servants called as witnesses louden said that it was plain to Grenadians who see that the despicable display of public servants being chastised by the Commissioner for sloppy procedures, in the Commission was demonstrative of a white wash.

He said having spoken to a wide spectrum of the population, the people of Grenada are calling for a full scale criminal investigation into the matter. An investigation which would involve, Interpol, the F.B.I, Scotland Yard and the Criminal Investigation Department of Grenada. It is through this investigatory process that the truth of this saga would be made manifest Clouden concluded.
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