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Political crisis looms over Grenada

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June 27 Seattle Washington:  The heart breaking evidence emerging on the many blatant lies this island's Prime Minister has told to his country men and even some members of his government, have led two senior Ministers to be contemplating taking their exit to at least to save whatever dignity they have left. Two members of Mitchell's government say they are under severe pressure from families and friends and have assured close relatives that they are going to resign and leave Mitchell in his mess.
A close relative who spoke to Carib News Now at 10:00am Grenada time Sunday said, "We have our dignity and our family must come out of that mess because it will look as though everyone is the same and this is not the case, let who guilty pay and the innocent ones must move out, things are taking a turn for the worse."
It will be interesting to hear what Dr. Mitchell would now say to the public and whether he would deny that some members of his governent have said to him in his face that they are worried about some of the evidence emerging and may have to seriously contemplate their future.
Unconfirmed reports state that Mitchell called in someone close to the party to speak to the two Ministers on his behalf to stop the from taking the "drastic action of resigning."
The entire cabinet is responsible for the political crisis

The following is what Mitchell told the nation and none of his cabinet colleagues protested or denied his statement:

In 2000, as Trade Counsellor, Dr. Resteiner offered to cover the expenses for a trip by the Prime Minister to travel to several countries in Europe, as part of a promotional and investment tour to France, Austria, Leichtenstein and Switzerland, as well as Kuwait.

The matter was considered by Cabinet. Cabinet agreed that the offer should be accepted.

Dr. Resteiner provided the Government’s delegation with the necessary financial support to cover the expenses of the promotional visit.

The method by which this offer was provided, deliberated upon and transacted was transparent, as Trade Counsellors, Ambassadors at Large and similar representatives of Grenada often provide Government with financial support to assist in travel and investment promotion abroad, as well as certain economic, social and other activities in Grenada.

As one die hard member of Mitchell's ruling party said, "We have gone through so much, but were always able to pull through now not even pulling the devil by the tail seem to be able to stop what is about to happen." 
Dr. Mitchell admitted visiting the home of former trade counsellor Eric Resteiner in 2000 and received $US15,000 to cover for his trip to Europe.
Now it is quite clear that the Grenada International Financial Services Authority (Gifsa) paid for the trip to the tune of $34,000.The tickets were were bought from Astral Travel Services in Grenada.
The Grenadian leader told the nation he had paid the expenses for the trip to Europe through his credit card now it is know that he lied to the nation.
The question then is for what reason did Mitchell visited the home of Resteiner when the tickets were financed by Gifsa?
Mitchell says he has receipts. Receipts for what? Was the money paid for the ticket belong to your credit card? What a claim Mr.Mitchell since you are not worthy anymoe to be called Dr. Mitchell.
But the allegation against Mitchell is that he went to Resteiner's home precisely to receive a $US500,000 bribe. Then, if Resteiner as it is quite clear to all and sundry did now finance the trip to Europe what business Mitchell had to conduct at Resteiner's home? What is coming out now may help Grenadians to put bits and pieces together and solve the briefcase mystery themselves since Mitchell did not call in the FBI or any reputable investigative team.
Caricom members should feel very uncomfortable sitting with Mitchell in any forum or on any delegation while these serious allegations are over his head, even more so now tha real solid evidence are emerging.
The business community is worried
Grenada's business community is reported to be worried about the climate existing in the country and what could happen in light of several new revelations, some supported by compelling evidence.
When the allegation first surfaced that the Prime Minister had accepted a $US500,000 bribe the business sector umbrella body wrote to the Prime Minister asking him to ensure that an investigation be conducted.
Now with so much new elements that have surfaced the business sector fear that if things get out of hand they could suffer the most.
Carib News Now believes that with the speed things are progressing it will definitely be in their best interest to intercede and do so quickly. There can never be a good business environment where the majority of the populace have a particular negative perception of their Prime Minister while so much is dangling over his head.
Believe or not the future of Grenada and the profitability of doing business there depends to a great extent in what the business community see fit to be done at this time. It is quite clear that some measures will have to be taken. But what would they be? Would the business community hav ethe testicular fortitude to tell the Prime Minister that he is more of a liability than an asset therefore should resign? Or would they tell the government that the entire cabinet is responsible for the present crisis therefore parliament should be dissolved and new elections called?
What ever measures are taken by the business community must not reflect just the political positions of members but should reflect the interest and the sentiments of the Grenadian people or else it would be useless and may well end up paying for the consequences of their actions.
In the present circumstances no business in Grenada should expect to great profits and stability until there is some semblance of stability within the government itself and that only comes when the people demonstrates trust and confidence if not the entire island will be doomed.
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