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Antigua investigating the discovery of 30 illegal immigrants
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June 12 St. John's Antigua:  The Immigration Department here says it is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of 30 persons, believed to be Haitians who landed illegally in Barbuda.

These persons a release said were discovered in Barbuda at around 5am Saturday landing in the vicinity of Coral Grew Bay from an unidentified vessel.

Immigration authorities have so far detained 29 of the 30 individuals, comprising of 15 females and 14 males with the oldest being a 46 year old male and the youngest an 11 year old female. 

Immigration officers and the police are currently in search of the missing individual from the group which landed in Barbuda illegally.

The group of illegal immigrants was brought to mainland Antigua on Saturday by a Coast Guard vessel.  Upon arrival in Antigua, the 15 females were accommodated at the Defence Force Headquarters and the 14 males at the Immigration Headquarters and were provided with the necessary medical examinations and care as required, pending their early return to their place of origin.

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