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Jamaica PM: Solving development issues key to global security
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June 4 Kingston Jamaica: Prime Minister the Most Hon. P. J. Patterson has stated that concerns relating to global security could best be addressed by greater emphasis at the international level on matters pertaining to development including trade, the flow of financial resources, debt and matters that affect Small Island Developing States.

This, Mr. Patterson said, would go a far way in the promoting of peace both at the global level and within individual countries.

Mr. Patterson made the comments during a meeting in New York on Thursday, June 2, with Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico and Special Envoy of UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan. The meeting was requested by the UN to get Mr. Patterson's perspective on the reform, in his capacity as Chairman of the G-77 and China.

Prime Minister Patterson also stressed the importance of addressing issues involving health and the environment, noting that these matters could significantly impact global security. Regarding the environment, Mr. Patterson pointed out that this was crucial to Small Island Developing States such as those in the Caribbean which could suffer major economic and physical setback as a result of climatic changes caused by environmental degradation.

He also spoke of the need for changes to the international financial architecture to reflect the political realities of the new millennium. He observed that there was unequal weight given to developed countries as distinct from developing countries, although many newly industrialized and developing countries provide significant support to these institutions.

Prime Minister Patterson stated further that at a time when the focus was on the reform of the UN, such discussions should not be to the detriment of important matters that affect developing countries. He said discussions on the reform of the Security Council should also look at its scope and accountability in the 21 st Century. The UN Envoy agreed that based on the report commissioned by the Secretary General and published recently, consideration should also be given to strengthening the powers of the General Assembly and the Authority of the Secretary General.

Ambassador Stafford Neil , Jamaica 's Permanent representative to the UN also attended the meeting.

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