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Four US companies interested in doing business in Barbados
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30 May Bridgetown Barbados: This island is still reaping success in attracting foreign investment to these shores through the efforts of the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), and there is every likelihood that recent interest shown by four North American companies could pan out into significant investments for this island.

The BIDCs North American offices are currently following up these opportunities with the four companies which have expressed an interest in doing business in Barbados in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Financial Services fields.

While the companies involved were not identified by BIDC sources, the new business prospects were generated as a result of the recently concluded Barbados Business promotion seminars. One was held in Raleigh, North Carolina and the other in Boston, Massachusetts. The Raleigh seminar was facilitated by the BIDC, Miami office, and attracted twenty-one business attendees, while the Boston seminar co-ordinated by the New York office attracted twenty-six attendees.

The Barbados Business Symposia, entitled: Strategic Partnerships For Global Business Solutions, were designed to inform US companies in both the ICT and Financial Services fields of the benefits of doing business in Barbados. CEO, Anthony Sobers, said the seminars provided strategic advice on how US companies can creatively develop business partnerships with Barbados, using its near-shore location and tax treaty network to enhance global competitiveness.

The seminars major sponsor was the US site selection firm, Global Corporate Xpansion, and in Boston, other business facilitators were Outsource World and Federation International LLC.

The Raleigh programme was supported by the Business Leader magazine, the World Trade Centre and the Carolina News Wire. The execution of the seminars was done in collaboration with Barbadian service providers including local ICT firm Crucible International Inc.

Contributing to the success of the seminars were presenters including Gregory Hannays, of the Ernst and Young Barbados Desk in New York, who presented on the topic Utilising Barbados Suite of Legislation for International Business Competitiveness while the benefits of Barbados as an international insurance domicile was examined by Mr. Richard Ince of Iliad Consulting who spoke on the topic Barbados A Domicile That Maximises your International Insurance Options.

Information on Establishing a Successful Information Technology Company in Barbados was presented by Mr. Joel Alleyne, Chairman and CEO, Crucible International Inc.

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