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Credibility of former GG under scrutiny
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By Leroy Noel
12 May St. George's Grenada: The credibility of former Governor General of Grenada Sir Paul Scoon has been placed under serious scrutiny by British based lawyer and former Attorney General of Grenada Richart Hart.
Sir paul who recently published his book "Service for survival" based mainly on the 1979-83 period of the Grenada revolution is described By Mr. Hart in is own book "Seeting the record straight" as one with so many accuracies.
Mr Hart said, "Sir Paul's book has so many inaccuracies that it is hard to tell which are due to ignorance of the facts and which are inventions designed to show the then People's Revolutionary Governmnet in an unfavourable light".
Frankly speaking, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion so too is Sir Paul, but it is quite clear that any one who lived here during the 1979-83 period and has an iota of honesty would quickly dispel some of the accusations made in Sir Paul's book.
Take for instance, the former GG telling his readers and the world that there were 15 Soviets let loose as teachers in our schools. It is dishonest to make such misleading accusation when all honest Grenadians know that was not true. During the revolutionary period several mistakes were made but this is not a license to invent things about that period.
It is advisable that Grenadians and all progressive people  read Mr. Harts book "Setting the record staright". It sends a dagger into the heart of Sir Pauls many unfounded and misleading allegations.
Whether one supported the revolution or not it is well known that during that period Grenada had the highest agricultural production ever. It is during that period that the Markeing and National Importing Board was born (MNIB) which is still alive today.
The false assertions made by Sir Paul must not be allowed to go unchallenged. Twisters of historical facts must not be allowed to fool and misrepresent many who are themselves unaware of the facts.
It is unbeliveable the assertion made in Sir Paul's book, on page 40, that it was the PRG that decided to withdraw Grenada from the OECS court system.
As outlined by Mr. Hart in his book, "On March 20 1979   a meeting was held in Antigua where Grenada was not invited and a decision was taken to remove the judges from the West Indies Associated Appeal Court resident in Grenada and to relocate the court's headquarters to St. Lucia. The PRG then had no alternative than to create a Grenada Supreme Court". One would reasonable think that the Governor General at the time must have known these well established facts. 
Sir Paul went on to contradict the International Monetary Fund and the world bank report on Grenada's economy. He said the economy was collapsing.
Setting the record straight has outlined several examples of falsehoods and misrepresentations in Sir Pauls book and its authoor has given more than a storeroom of facts tearing apart a book that is so misleading that those who have associated themselves with it will today feel betrayed and ashame.
Read the book your selves and be the judge.
Richard Hart practised as a solicitor in his native Jamaica from 1941-1963. Served on the executive of the Peoples National Party of which he was a foundation member in 1938. He migrated to England in 1965 and worked as a solicitor to a local authority there. In 1982 he went to Grenada as legal adviser then served as Attorney General. After the American invasion Mr. Hart returned to England. He is the author of several books on Caribbean history.   
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