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St. Kitts complains of Greenpeace illegal activities in its territorial waters

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Basseterre St. Kitts June 24: Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Cedirc Liburd said that the Government and people of St. Kitts were thoroughly displeased  with what he called the illegal activities of Greenpeace on June 20.
"The organization, which one week earlier had requested to dock at the St. Kitts harbour during the period June 11-21 for “educational activities” was denied permission given the fact that the interest of activities taking place over that same period would be threatened." He added

Minister Liburd said the decision for Greenpeace to illegally offload passengers was nothing but gross disrespect for the Government and people of the Federation. He added that the Federation’s size was no indication of its stance or ability to protect its shores.

In related news, the Ministry of National Security, Justice, Immigration and Labour sent out a press release indicating its deep concern with the illegal entry of the Greenpeace vessel the MV Arctic Sunrise into the Federation’s territorial space.

The release stated, "Apart from the obvious disrespect to the government and people of the Federation the ministry reported that the infringement was also a threat to the marine environment. Specifically in this case “jeopardizing the barrier reef which protects the Eastern Atlantic Coastline of St. Kitts and Nevis and other fragile near-shore marine eco-systems.”

St. Kitts complained that the captain and crew aboard the vessel defied the law enforcement officials by refusing to accompany them to police headquarters; eventually heading west in the direction of St. Eustatius.

The National Security release echoed the sentiments expressed by Minister of Fisheries Cedric Liburd during his report to the IWC meeting that Greenpeace had violated and showed total disregard and disrespect for the Government “in utter contempt of its sovereign status.”

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