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Grenada government takes issue with media workers association

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Editorial, ST. GEORGE'S GRENADA MARCH 16: The Government of Grenada has taken issue with a statement put out by Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) over the detention of editor editor of Grenada Today Newspaper George Worme. He was detained in connection with a letter he published  entitled “Shameful and disgraceful grandmother” which appeared in the February 17, 2006 issue of Grenada Today. 

The Keith Mitchell led regime in a statement Wednesday said, it is extremely concerned about statements being made by the Media Workers Association of Grenada which directly question the independence of the Royal Grenada Police Force and by extension the rule of democracy and law in Grenada.

 The statement noted the Media workers in a distributed by President Michael Bascombe accused the Government of colluding with the Royal Grenada Police Force in an attempt to suppress the media. Government calls on the Media Workers Association of Grenada to withdraw this "unsubstantiated" statement and calls on the Association of Caribbean Media to investigate these statements made by MWAG.

It is not the first time that Grenadian journalists have been detained by police in 2004 an inspector of police attached to the Criminal Investigation Department acknowledged to journalist Leroy Noel that he was detained on a complaint made by the prime Minister after he wrote an article entitled "NNP days are numbered".

The release went on to say "Government makes a further call to MWAG to recognise that journalists are not above the law and are not free to make statements against citizens of this country without clear evidence. The Constitution of Grenada has provisions to protect all citizens against harm, including harm to their character and reputation"

The release however did not point out that the Grenadian people have the right to be told by the Prime Minister how he received and carried the 12 or 15 thousand dollars he acknowledged receiving from fraudester Eric Resteiner who is now in American custody.

Political pundits have pointed out that accountability is not one sided and the government should have been cognisant of fairness when the speaker of the House of Representative was asked not to allow opposition Parliamentarians to discuss the infamous briefcase issue in which Dr. Mitchell is at the center stage. 

The Grenada government is known to deny allegations and retract as was the case of the food for sex scandal which first hit the international media on a report by Leroy Noel shortly after Hurricane Ivan. The police public relations mouthpiece quickly denied the report and went on to attack the reporter. However weeks after senior police officers acknowledged that the report is true.

Media workers in Grenada say the statement only expressed what they believe is happening in Grenada based on the record of the government.

More fire works are expected to be seen on this issue in coming days.

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