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Grenadians look to the courts for justice
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June 21 St. George's Grenada: There is  unique situation in this tri-island state where the people's interest are been over looked in an inquiry taking place there, while the accused who is the Prime Minister has every legal means at his disposal. Opposition forces say they are going to court to see justice on behalf of people.
It is probably the only place in the world where the state pays the head of a Financial Intelligence Unit to investigate allegations of financial improprieties but turns around and defends the accused saying there is nothing to investigate.
Grenada's Prime Minister Keith Mitchell is accused of taking a $US500,000 bribery from a German fraudster who is now in United States custody. A Commision of Inquiry was set up to investigte the allegation. However the Commissioner has ruled that the leader of the opposition cannot be represented by an attorney who would be able to cross examine witnesses.
In the first place it was the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that provided a file to the police demanding that an investigation be instituted.
But then adviser to the police and head of theFinancial Intelligence Unit Hugh Wildman said there was nothing to investigate even though the Prime Minister admitte receiving a sum of money from th fraudster.
As it stands Dr. Mitchell is represented by his attorney or attorneys who are often accompanied by head of the Financial Intelligence Unit Jamaican Hugh Wildman. This is the same man the government had proposed as its  Attorney General but was turned down by the Legal and Judicial Commission of the OECS.
Who are looking after the interest of the people to ensure that justice is done? The man appointed as the prosecutor is clearly not asking some crucial questions of the witnesses and there, can be no redress since the Commissioner ruled that the opposition that has 7 of the 15 seats in parliament cannot have legal counsel to look after the people's interest.
It is understood that court actions will filed to challenge the ruling of Barbadian born Commissioner Richard Cheltenham.
The question is how is there supposed to be justice in this troubled island of Grenada? From all indications this island will not have stability as long as attempts are made to alienate the people, their interest and their representatives.
Concerning attempts to secure witnesses startling revelations are definitely going to surface and will show that all is NOT well within the Commission.
A word to the wise is sufficient.
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