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Cuban president calls for a just world order
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Cuban President for a Just and Equitable World Order
Cuban president Fidel Castro

Jun 16 Qatar (Prensa Latina) In a message addressed to the 2nd South Summit here, Cuban President Fidel Castro called for a more equitable and sustainable world order to deal with the economic model neoliberalism has imposed on it. Fidel Castro pointed out that the neoliberal system implacably takes the life of millions of people in the poorest nations of the Earth.

"Our countries are included for exploitation but excluded from development.," he denounced in his message to the Doha Summit, which is calling for larger South-South trade exchange and integration.

After underlining that never before have inequality and disparity been so ravaging, he stressed that for 852 million people, hunger constitutes a daily reality, while one billion dollars are spent in weapons. Besides, a billion adults are illiterate and 325 million children do not go to school.

With those signs, it is clear, he warned, nations will be unable to tackle the so-called Goals of the Millenium.

The true cause, he said, of the almost apocaliptic energy crisis threatening the world today stems from the excesive and unstoppable outlays by rich countries and the unsustainable consuming societies they have created.

Regarding the official aid for development, he said that the goal of obtaining 0.7 percent of the Gross Domestic Product from rich nations, does not go over 0.2 percent, adding that what poor countries paid for their debt service in 2004 was five times bigger than what they received as official aid for development.

He apologized for being unable to attend the South Summit, explaining that "urgent and pressing issues" are keeping him very busy.

Fidel Castro pointed out that the US government is maneuvering to provide shelter to a notorious, confessed terrorist who is a fugitive of the Venezuelan justice and responsible, among many acts of terror, of the mid-air bombing of a Cuban jetliner that killed 73 innocent people.

Cuba is waging, he stressed, an energetic campaign to denounce the US-sponsored terrorism the Island has suffered for more than 45 years, which "has caused the life of thousands of our children and boundless material losses."

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