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Grenada's PM told step down over $500,000 bribery allegation

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June 11 St. George's Grenada: There is mounting opposition in this troubled tri-island state over the way an investigation into an allegation of bribery against Prime Mitchell is being handled. There are calls for Dr. Mitchell to step down and allow a criminal investigation to be conducted by the relevant personnel.
Instead a one man commission was appointed by Governor General Daniel Williams. However it is believed that what is needed is a criminal investigation since the commission will not be digging for the facts as investigators would.
Former Parliamentarian Anselm Clouden is the latest to join the list of persons asking for the Grenadian leader to step down.
But Dr. Mitchell continues to be at the helm of the country which Clouden believes could create fear in witnesses since he has the coercive apparatus of the state at his disposal.
Dr. Mitchell is alleged to have received a $500,000 US bribery from a trade counsellor of Grenada Eric Resteiner at his home in Switzerland in 2000. He denied receiving that amount but admitted in a national televised broadcast that he went to Resteiner's home in Switzerland and received between $12-15 thousand. Dr. Mitchell's admittance has created widespread discussions and condemnation in Grenada as well as other Caribbean islands. It is said to be unbecoming of a Prime Minister to go to a man's home and receive cash.
Grenada could well experience a dose of instability if the Mitchell government continue to resist a criminal investigation.There are reports that some diplomats on the island and elsewhere are unhappy with the government in that it has not instituted a criminal investigation. Grenada could suffer economically as a result at a time when assistance from outside is badly needed.
There are reports that opposition forces are currently preparing for and all out "battle" against the Mitchell regime and several key party cadres have taken time off to assist in putting the necessary machinery in place. The popularity of the New National Party of Dr. Mitchell has plumetted drastically since the bribery allegation against hime surfaced and attempts by his government were made to "manners" reporters and media houses who dare publish the allegations.
Several international organisations have called on the government to ensure that a free press flourish in the country.Discontentment among the population is also rising and political pundits believe that any day popluar demonstrations islandwide could take place forcing the regime to collapse.
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