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Residential areas to receive quality electricity in St. Kitts

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1 June Basseterre St. Kitts: Government says its committed to provide adequate, efficient and a better quality supply of electricity in all areas and took a giant leap Tuesday with the completion of the installation of 20 transformers in the St. Peter’s area.

Minister of Public Works, Utilities, Transport and Posts, Dr. Earl Asim Martin, who visited one of the sites, accompanied by the Parliamentary Representative for the area and Minister of Housing, Agriculture, Fisheries and Consumer Affairs, Cedric Liburd and Department of Electricity officials, said the installation of the transformers increases the availability of electricity in the area from 3.5 kilowatts to 11 kilowatts.

He said the project was carried out at a cost of EC$500,000 from local revenue.

Minister Liburd welcomed the improvement, saying that it will resolve the problem of low voltage, increase the reliability of electricity supply and provide the necessary capacity for the continuing expansion of the residential areas.

“We have had an expanded community in the St. Peter’s area over the years. We have seen the development of new residential areas at Douglas’ Estate, Gundo Field, Stapleton, Ogees  and Gillard’s and a significant increase in homes in the areas of New Road, Milliken, Fountain and Monkey Hill. This improvement in electricity supply will bring an end to the problem of low voltage,” said Minister Liburd. He said that the proposed commercial development at Douglas’ Estate will also benefit.

Chief Engineer and Manager at the Electricity Department, Mr. John Channer said the upgrade of the Bayfords Feeder brings it in line with all the other feeders on St. Kitts.

“We replaced transformers which were previously operating at 3.3 kv. We did some reconductering, we insulated the line and also relocated portions of the line which were over residential homes,” said Channer.

He said the works should “greatly improve the quality of supply and it will also be a more efficient line and provide a better profile of the voltage.”

“It will also allow us to standardize on all our inventories in terms of distribution material,” said Mr. Channer.

The ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Administration of Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Denzil L. Douglas continues the improvement of electricity supply in St. Kitts under a $15 million programme.

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